Tax Investigations and Enquiries

Tax Investigations and Enquiries

Tax investigations and enquiries surrounding you or your business are stressful, time consuming and costly, but with care they can be avoided. No secret has been made of the fact that HMRC is under instruction to increase collection of unpaid taxes. While the press focuses on the tax strategies of larger multi-national corporations, HMRC has much wider targets and whatever the size or type of business or the amount of personal finances, it can raise enquiries to ensure tax compliance. Currently it recovers more than £12 billion annually from tackling non-compliance. It is true that HMRC has a huge amount of power in conducting tax investigations, but it must be applied correctly. We can help you ensure that this happens.

Why choose Jeffcote Donnison to handle your tax investigations?

If you are undergoing a tax investigation, you will need an experienced firm to work closely with you to bring it to resolution. Jeffcote Donnison have dealt with many individuals and companies who have experienced differing levels of tax investigations, ranging from Income Tax, Corporation Tax and VAT, through to PAYE investigations.

Often tax investigations start with a routine general enquiry. If these early enquiries are not dealt with efficiently, it is possible that they could escalate into a full investigation. Our involvement from the beginning of any investigation can help reduce, or even prevent the threat of a full tax investigation from occurring. All enquiries by HMRC should be taken seriously. Initial responses will often dictate how the enquiry progresses, and you should involve us as soon as possible to ensure that communication with HMRC starts off and continues on the right track.

Fee Protection Service

As HMRC increases the number of investigators, the chances of an enquiry increase and often innocent taxpayers are placed under review. You are responsible for the costs of agreeing your liability with HMRC, even if no adjustment to your return results from the enquiry. Jeffcote Donnison LLP offers a fee protection service, designed to cover the costs of both routine and more detailed enquiries, and investigations into any personal or business tax returns we prepare for our clients.

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