Nicholas J. Paling FCCA

Nicholas qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1985, becoming a Fellow of the Association in 1990. After becoming a graduate of the Association in 1980, he trained with the top twenty firm Robson Rhodes, in their Bradford office, before moving to London to join Slaven Jeffcote LLP in 1985.

Nicholas became an audit partner in Slaven Jeffcote in 1995, and since becoming the senior audit partner in Slaven Jeffcote LLP, the firm has doubled in size. Nicholas as senior partner, with his fellow partners manages the firm’s clients providing a wide range of services including audit and accounting services to a broad base of over 250 Owner Managed Businesses.

Nicholas has developed the firm’s “Art and Antique Dealer” team. In addition to providing audit and accounting services to Art and Antique Dealers, the team provides bookkeeping services including the maintenance of VAT compliant stock books, and advising clients on VAT – Margin scheme for works of art and antiques.

Nicholas heads up the firm’s business consultancy team which provides amongst other services, the provision of Due Diligence Reports for potential acquisitions by clients and the provision of Cash Flow and Profit Projection reports for clients banking facilities requirements. Nicholas also joined Jeffcote Donnison LLP, as partner in 2000, to provide an accounting input in their business consultancy team.