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Isle of Man – Jeffcote Donnison (Overseas) Limited

The company was established in 1996 and is situated in the financial centre of Douglas, Isle of Man.

Two Isle of Man resident directors run the company, Michael MacBain and Anna Mazzilli, assisted by corporate and trust consultants. The company is licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission in the Isle of Man and is subject to full regulatory control for compliance and anti money laundering practices.

The clients of Jeffcote Donnison (Overseas) Limited are mainly foreign nationals and foreign residents who use the Isle of Man as a base for establishing companies and trusts engaged in international business and investment.

In addition to providing services as a corporate service provider, JDO is able to call on the services of a wide range of professional service providers, banks, brokers etc. for the benefit of its clients.

Through Jeffcote Donnison Accounting Ltd, clients are provided with bookkeeping and accounting services.