Jeffcote Donnison LLP and Praxis IFM

Client/Intermediary Statement
Regarding Jeffcote Donnison LLP & PraxisIFM

We are delighted to announce that Jeffcote Donnison LLP (JD LLP) is joining forces with the London-based business of the PraxisIFM Group, an independent financial services group employing more than 520 staff.

Both JD LLP and PraxisIFM are businesses with strong performance, proud histories and solid reputations. They have each built their businesses on independence and excellence of service which, following this alignment will become an even stronger component.

The current UK fiduciary business of JD LLP (corporate administration, bookkeeping, VAT return preparation and payroll compliance) has been acquired by, and will be transferred to, a newly incorporated company known as PraxisIFM JD Corporate Services Limited (“PraxisIFMJD”), part of the PraxisIFM group, the board of which will consist of Philip Donnison, Pheroze Sorabjee and two PraxisIFM Directors: Robert Fearis and Donna Shorto.

Staff currently providing these services to our clients on this side of the business have been transferred to the new company and will work alongside the partners and staff of both businesses to provide continuity of service. Both JD LLP and PraxisIFMJD will operate from the offices at Lumley Street.

JD LLP, its partners and professional team will continue alongside Slaven Jeffcote LLP with a dedicated focus in providing all tax, accounting and audit services and will work closely with PraxisIFMJD to ensure a smooth transition for those who will become clients of both firms.

Listed on The International Stock Exchange, PraxisIFM offers private client & corporate administration services, fund administration & management, pension, asset finance, treasury and international expansion services. It has an extensive network of companies in multiple jurisdictions and to further expand its global reach, PraxisIFM has also acquired associated JD operations in both the Isle of Man and Hong Kong.

Full details about PraxisIFM are available on

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