Setting up a Business in the UK

Setting up a Business in the UK

If you are considering setting up a business in the UK, then it will be necessary to understand the investment and trading environment, and ensure that you are aware of the accounting, tax and legal systems required. The UK is the most popular location for inward investment in Europe. A favourable business environment coupled with lower tax rates, has attracted many overseas businesses to the UK. We have particular expertise in assisting such clients on how to effectively manage cross-border transactions, and also advise on suitable structures for investment in the UK to optimise the tax planning opportunities. Whether you are starting up your UK business for the first time, or you are establishing a branch or subsidiary of your overseas activities, our advisors can support you every step of the way.


UK Trading

You will need to notify HMRC of your commencement to trade and if necessary apply for VAT registration. Tax mitigation may be your main consideration, although the ability to keep the assets (and liabilities) of your UK business separate from your international operations may be important in your choice of business entity. Any profits arising from a trade carried on within the UK or through a UK permanent establishment, are taxed as a non-resident trader under the usual UK trading rules. This also includes profits from the UK part of a trade which is also carried on overseas, although any profits from overseas may be exempt from tax.

Our expert team can assist you with:

• Comparing benefits of various trading entities
• Setting up the trading entity
• Bookkeeping and accounting
• Serviced office facility
• Domestic tax advice
• International tax planning
• Strategic advice
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